Keter Avinu dress shirts are made to not need dry-cleaning. Simply put it in the wash, (do not put in dryer), and hang to dry


We only make the world’s best gentleman’s dress shirt, with attention to detail, always taking quality into consideration and comfort for a great performance, wrinkle free shirt required for today’s man.

Keter Avinu is a true-luxury lifestyle brand, aimed at a rapidly developing class of the working class leaders, pioneers, and mavericks who have mastered their craft. Keter Avinu, brings true luxury to a market that has long been ignored.

An individual’s decision to wear Keter Avinu is a direct reflection of their unyielding commitment to excellence. Likewise, the design and very purpose of our brand is to reflect those same ideals to our clientele. Our brand provides lifestyle & luxury through excellence in style, cut, fabric – while providing value per article of clothing. Meticulous detail, superior craftsmanship and discretion through European design – is the basis of Keter Avinu.

All of Keter Avinu’s clothing entails the finest fabrics, all masterfully hemmed with fashion-forward design that exudes luxury and the Keter Avinu philosophy.

“Imagine a shirt that never* needs to be dry-cleaned – just to be washed with your regular clothes. Then hang dry it afterwards (no dryer cycle necessary). Keter Avinu gentleman’s shirts are pure cotton, non-wrinkle, and is different from all other brands. See the difference! * connotes at least 30 washes of wrinkle-free”